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the proloc lux 

The proloc series lux line of high-bright, military-grade, outdoor displays offer incredibly bright and vivid viewing experience. The lux lineup of displays is paired with features such as military-grade construction for maximum durability, Class A+ components which deliver 75,000 hours of continuous runtime, field serviceable design and other advanced features that set the proloc lux line of displays into a category all its own. 

proloc lux 

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Feature Highlights 

  • Full Sun Display

  • Ultra-Bright Picture with options to 3,500 Nits

  • 1080p Resolution Available in 32", 55" Sizes

  • 4K Resolution Available in 65" and 75" Sizes

  • IK10+ Extreme Protection

  • ​IP65 Weather Protection

  • 24/7/365. Every component of the proloc lux is designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 75,000 hours of continuous use

  • Available in Portrait & Landscape Orientation

  • AR/AG Design. Optically bonded LCD panels along with our exclusive anti-reflection, anti-glare glass which reduces actual and perceived reflection and glare. 

  • Field-Serviceable Design

  • Durable Construction

  • Oversized PC/Player Storage

  • UL Certified

A Revolution in the Outdoor High Bright Commercial Displays 

On the inside, the proloc lux utilizes sealoc’s  proprietary weatherloc conformal coating to protect the electronics and boasts the highest quality components available (industrial-grade, class A+ components all designed to run in the worst possible conditions for 75,000 hours continuously). 

The proloc lux is MET certified to the latest UL and CSA outdoor display standards and meets all FCC standards to ensure years of worry free, safe operation.


Includes industry-best 3-year warranty.

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