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Where We Shine Brightest 

sealoc's lineup of outdoor displays, digital signage, outdoor tvs, direct-view LED signs, mounting solutions and other accessories are designed to work across virtually every vertical industry.  sealoc has a product uniquely suited for your industry and application, all manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks can be an unforgiving environment - from splashes and spills to bright sunlight conditions, to accidental bumps and bangs from excited guests. sealoc's weatherloc displays are designed to protect your investment with years of worry-free service regardless of the environment. Our exceptionally high-bright displays are specifically designed to combat bright sun and built to withstand challenging environments, while having a modern, sleek, and progressive style. 

Corporate Communications

It’s time to find something new at the office. Reinvention is happening on a global scale, and as the hybrid workplace continues its rapid evolution, preparation for the future is all about continually updating for the present. Driving easier room reservations, improved space utilization, increased productivity, and better employee experience.

DOOH Media

Digital out of home media (DOOH) is about reaching people with stories, to captivate audiences and keep them engaged. Vivid and dynamic display solutions are vital technologies for improving the viewer experience. By reinforcing outdoor media with striking imagery and engaging viewers through interactive content, and stories that are brought to life.


Healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, wellness centers can better engage visitors and improve the patient experience with engaging display technology.  Large format displays and video walls invigorate health facility lobbies and help alleviate patient anxiety by creating an engaging atmosphere. Interactive display solutions immerse visitors in wellness education and offer a powerful medium for inspiring patients through storytelling. 

Higher Education-Institution

Digital transformation is reshaping higher education and the most visual example of this trend is the adoption of display technology across university campuses. Display solutions are well suited to academic environment, as today’s college students have grown up in a technological world and are accustomed to these tools. Digital engagements not only provide effective communication, the opportunity to monetize and provide emergency notifications – the also demonstrate that an institution is forward looking which builds continued credibility in the minds of students.


The hospitality industry is hyper focused on improving the guest experience to foster customer loyalty and long-term success. Digital engagement strategies are imperative for meeting today’s consumer expectations in the hospitality space. Delivering curated content that engages, informs, and entertains. Digital technologies add value to hospitality centric businesses by providing tools that engage guests and display content to inform, direct, and promote onsite amenities. Bright, ultra-high-resolution displays provide clear content that is exceedingly visible in busy environments.

House Of Worship 

From digital signage to live video feeds, effective display technology in a place of worship can enhance the experience for parishioners, fostering participation and building a stronger network among the congregation. As a vital tool for sharing information, the use of display technology creates opportunities for greater outreach and engagement.

Mixed-Use and Lifestyle Centers

The destination is the experience! Date night, family night, fun and laughter with friends and family while attending an event, shopping or dinner has been the pinnacle of entertainment for more than a century. Digital engagements not only enhance the experience, but also provide direction, increased dwell time, opportunities for monetization and create an overall optimized customer experience. 


Meeting visitor expectations in a rapidly changing digital world, museums and cultural centers are embracing digital display technologies to enhance the experience and provide curators with new and creative approaches to captivate audiences in thoughtful and exciting ways.  Video display canvases provide a compelling platform for dynamic simulations and presentations that absorb audiences and activate the senses.  Immersive display solutions take visitors on journeys exploring worlds of science, art, history and culture, inspiring imagination, and discovery.

QSR Dining 

Whether a small cafe, a global chain, or a destination attraction, don't risk a negative customer experience. sealoc understands how important return visitors are to your success. Offering great food and service isn't enough anymore - you must differentiate yourself to draw and retain your customers. Engaging and entertaining is critical to keep your customers returning, and sealoc can ensure you achieve that goal.


Digital display technologies continue to reshape the retail experience at every point in the shopper to buyer journey. From enticing customers with striking product visuals at the entrance to engaging them with immersive marketing content and helpful information at key moments throughout the store. Digital engagements provide the ultimate way to engage consumers and drive further influence and loyalty though real-time data capture and analytics. 

Sports & Entertainment

In the digital age, sports venues are the pinnacle for the biggest and boldest integrations of visual technology that create an exhilarating atmosphere for sports entertainment, driving excitement and electrifying crowds. State-of-the-art display and engagement technologies are an integral part of the gameday experience, providing a dynamic platform for spectacular imagery, live action, immersive content and where to buy the best food, drink, and apparel.


As the travel sector forever expands, they evolve at a rapid pace – enhance by the digital world to meet the growing expectations of today’s passengers. At the center of this trend are major facility and technology innovations that aim to add value to hubs and facilities that engage and improve the passenger experience.

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