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the CastVision display

Drive Engagement.  Whether it's for advertising or entertainment, to communicate information, or to inspire brand interaction, the main goal for digital signage is to inform and engage target audiences.   

High-Impact and Vivid Display installations provide you with a powerful way to reach customers.

 Digital Signage will transform any venue into a unique experience.


ELEMENT Series Outdoor Modules


 Feature Highlights

  • LED Direct View

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

  • IP65 Weatherproof

  • Bright & Vivid Picture 

  • Thin, All In One Solution

  • Easy Install Serviceable Parts

  • Available in Sizes 130", 152" and 203"

  • Pixel Pitch 1.6mm-2.5mm

  • Brightness: 4,000 Nits 

  • Audio Included

All-in-One Thin LED Display 
Outdoor Rated LED Display 

From creating simple LED package specs to designing and manufacturing comprehensive solutions, i5LED engineers are able to meet the needs of our clients with high efficiency product management.

i5LED treats each and every client as a business partner.


We constantly strive to view each project from the client’s perspective, and we regularly share research results, developments, and new discoveries with our clients.

We work as a team from start to finish, providing excellent technical support and service to all of our clients. Together with our partners, i5LED strives to create the highest value for both parties.


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