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the proloc QSR display

The proloc QSR is the world's only QSR Centric Outdoor Display.

While it features all the benefits of the venerable sealoc lux outdoor displays, it further features a patent-pending field serviceable design that is industry changing.  The proloc QSR display is designed for both quick-service restaurant applications and any other mission-critical digital signage needs. 

 QSR display 

QSR Drive-Though Photo.jpg

Feature Highlights 

  • Field Serviceable Design. Designed to be serviced on-site, with minimal impact and downtime. 

  • Patent-Pending Design

  • Bright Picture with 3,500 Nits

  • IK10+ Extreme Protection

  • ​IP65 Weather Protection

  • 24/7/365. Every component of the QSR display is designed to run 24 hours a day,
    7 days a week for 75,000 hours of continuous use

  • Full-Sun Display

  • ​IPS Viewing

  • AR/AG Design 

  • Durable Construction 

  • Oversized PC/Player Storage

  • UL Certified 

A Revolution in the Outdoor High Bright Commercial Displays 

On the inside, the proloc QSR utilizes sealoc’s proprietary weatherloc conformal coating to protect the electronics and boasts the highest quality components available (Industrial-Grade Class A+ LG High TNI LCD, TFT) panel. 


The proloc QSR series is MET certified to the latest UL outdoor display and FCC standards to ensure years of worry free, safe operation.


Includes industry-best 3-year warranty.

“Field Serviceable” defined:

This is the only tool ever required to maintain a sealoc weatherloc QSR solution.
NEW Sealoc Screwdriver Icon_edited.png
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